Learning Through Play

Using Online Gaming Platforms As A Learning Tool In The Social Studies Classroom


    Are you a teacher who finds yourself asking students to put their phones away numerous times throughout the school day?  Do you have a set of rules that address the use of mobile devices in the classroom?

   To avoid sounding like a broken record, "Put your phone away"..."If I see your phone again, it's mine"..."No you can't use your phone as a calculator", why not take advantage of the fact that students will bring their phones to class regardless of what you say, and have students use them as learning tools.  

     Kahoot! and Quizlet are two interactive gaming platforms that educators can easily customize to meet the topic and corresponding curriculum expectations that are being taught.  Both games help create a classroom filled with students who are engaged, excited, and interacting with their peers, all while learning while participating in a friendly competition. 

Navigating The Website

   This website is intended to be a resource for intermediate teachers who teach Social Studies in Ontario, Canada.  

  Using the Nelson Geography and History textbooks, a Kahoot! and Quizlet game have been created that cover the material from each chapter.

 By following the steps outlined in the "Getting Started" section below, you and your students will be playing in not time at all!

Getting Started

Step 1

To learn more about Kahoot! or Quizlet, click on the "About Kahoot! & Quizlet" tab on the menu above.

Step 2

Select one of the two grade levels from the menu or by clicking on the link below.

Gr. 7 Social Studies

Gr. 8 Social Studies

Step 3

Choose a subject by clicking on the appropriate textbook.

These textbooks are approved for use in Ontario.

Step 4

Select either the Kahoot! or Quizlet icon under the chapter you want your students to learn and/or review.

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